Digitize your Entire 
Extrusion Production

c.Hub Middleware

Simplify Complexity, Amplify Results with the Connectivity Platform for the Plastics Industry

The c.Hub Middleware is a cutting-edge platform designed to integrate and connect the entire shopfloor of plastics extrusion and packaging producers. As centralized data platform it acquires real-time data from any source, providing manufacturers with instant insights and visibility. By seamlessly connecting all machinery, the c.Hub helps to boost efficiency and improve transparency on production processes.

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The c.Hub Middleware enables you to:

  • Connect all devices and systems seamlessly and monitor your production anytime, anywhere
  • Use the solution on your premises, always staying the master of your data
  • Enhance operational efficiency by centralizing data acquisition and analysis
  • Improve decision-making with real-time insights and comprehensive visibility

The Core Benefits
of Our Integrated Platform


Various assets from different vendors lead to isolated data silos. The c.Hub integrates them all, creates a single point of truth and ensures clarity and control.


Amidst the terabytes of data being generated, you can easily identify and leverage the data that truly makes a difference to your operations.


The c.Hub offers more than efficient data mapping and storage. It streamlines your data for easy ERP and MES integration, enhancing operational efficiency.

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Ready to Connect Your Shopfloor?

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Industry-specific Applications that Enable You to Boost Production Efficiency

ExtrusionOS is our specialized application suite designed to tackle the core challenges of the plastics extrusion and packaging industries. By utilizing real-time data and highly customizable dashboards, ExtrusionOS offers features that address the unique demands of your production processes. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of production is optimized for efficiency and performance, making your operations more reliable and productive.

Discover our Features

With ExtrusionOS, you’ll benefit from:

  • Advanced data analytics to optimize production and reduce waste
  • Customizable dashboards that provide clear, actionable insights tailored to your specific needs
  • Real-time monitoring and notifications enabling you to control your production processes and enhance performance and reliability
  • Reliable reporting based on data to reduce quality costs and complaints and boost customer satisfaction

Start to Digitize Your Operations Across the Globe Effortlessly

Embrace the power of IoT with our c.Hub Middleware and ExtrusionOS solutions to transform your plastics extrusion production. Connect, innovate, and lead your industry with the tools designed to unlock the full potential of your operations.

Explore Our Use Cases


  • Seamlessly integrate extrusion, printing and converting machinery across vendors, ages and types.
  • Ensure a quick and secure data transfer thanks to ready-to-use connectors for key industry protocols.
  • Benefit from industry-specific features that help you to solve your core challenges.
  • Create custom trend charts and snapshots for performance benchmarking and replicate your golden runs.

Take your production to the next level

Discover the power of digital innovation in elevating your plastics production.

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Take Your Production to the Next Level

Discover the power of digital innovation in elevating your plastics production.

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