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ExtrusionOS - the software solution tailored to the plastic packaging industry

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As a tech start-up of the Reifenhäuser Group, we know the core challenges of the plastic packaging industry. The ExtrusionOS software solution is based on deep process engineering and extrusion know-how. It enables you to sustainably optimize your overall equipment effectiveness by monitoring, managing, storing and analyzing your live and historical data in a single point of truth. With our digital solutions, you can streamline your processes, reliably prove quality compliance, boost employee performance, and increase customer satisfaction.

The challenge

Heterogeneous machine parks, increasing demands on product quality, data locked in silos and IoT products with vendor lock-ins.

The solution

A solution providing transparency across the entire shopfloor, making it easy to track, analyze, store and report on all production data.

Maximize your production efficiency with ExtrusionOS

No vendor lock-in
Boost availability

Reduce downtime with real-time condition monitoring. Enable your maintenance teams to get the best out of your machines.

RE: empowers you
Optimize performance

Unlock the full potential of your production, maximize throughput. Pinpoint the ideal settings for the best products at the lowest cost.

Extrusion experts
Increase quality

Efficiently reduce quality losses by identifying where and when you lose material. Optimize changeover or cleaning times between recipes.

Easily digitize your shopfloor

Out-of-the-box connectors for the major industry protocols allowing fast and secure data transmission

Easy integration of Reifenhäuser machinery via “plug & play”

Intuitive interfaces to adjust the data pipeline with predefined and use case specific settings

Live monitoring of the virtual shopfloor including all assets and their KPIs, compared with set values

Production History helping to recognize failure patterns and minimize downtimes

Custom creation of trend charts and production 'snapshots' to benchmark and replicate the Golden Run

Monitor and document production compliance

Keep an eye on relevant data and thresholds in real-time to react fast

Get notified when limit violations occur during production​

Dive deep into your historical data and identify trends by analyzing quality-related parameters

Ground your quality control in data

Notice defects in your film or nonwoven in real time. This helps you to avoid unnecessary customer complaints

Capture and store all relevant parameters that determine product quality. From your machine, your ERP or your lab

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce quality costs through consistent quality assurance

Learn more about ExtrusionOS and available software bundles.

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Keep full control of your data

Connecting your shopfloor via the c.Hub and using ExtrusionOS does not affect your running production. Data is gathered and stored on premises. You always stay the master of your data and can decide to use RE: hardware or your own infrastructure to implement the solution.

Enable your staff to deliver the best

Decide smartly, act quickly

Benchmark your production plants, lines or shifts to identify inefficiencies. Get real-time production reports and act faster. Identify patters to improve processes, products and recipes. Keep track of your production targets - for all your factories, at all locations.

Enable your staff to optimize

We empower you and your team to leverage the full potential of your extrusion production. You unveil the reasons for stoppages or material losses to find out where you are wasting money. Find the perfect machine settings and reduce scrap.

Increase customer satisfaction

Compare several production runs to fine-tune machine assignments and recipes from your office. Store data about every process paramater to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Ensure traceability and compliance by seamless process data logging.

Source, visualize and leverage your process data to optimize production and reduce waste& Analysing

Out of the box interfaces to connect to
nearly everything that generates or needs data

Highly scalable from 1 machine to hundreds
Highly scalable from 1 machine to hundreds
Highly scalable from 1 machine to hundreds

We empower you to go digital!

RE: digitize extrusion. With open  solutions for the connectivity of your machines. Finally get a clear view on your data that empowers you to act independently. Embrace transparency, security and usability for all your employees. RE: solutions take you to the next level.

Why go for RE:?

'All in one hand - yours!

Our number one goal is to empower you! We stand for open solutions that sustainably and securely lead you into Industry 4.0
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Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.
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