"It's important to have the courage to completely re-imagine things and not just digitally map the analog world."​

In March 2022, Thomas Bayer (46) joined the RE: as Product Owner. We are happy to have gained Thomas as he is a perfect fit for our team with his candid, positive nature, and his great expertise in digital projects. Learn more about him in this interview.

Welcome, Thomas! Please quickly introduce yourself.

Hello and first of all thank you for the kind words. I am very happy to be with you. About me: I am a person who likes to push things forward. Being curious, having a wide range of interests, thinking analytically and systematically helps me to do this. That' s where the engineer in me shows up. On the other hand, what is important to me are the people around me, be it my family, especially my two children, friends, but above all also in the work environment. Working on things together, at eye level - that's what drives me. When people trust each other, a symbiosis is created that can develop an incredible momentum and create great things. That is fascinating and it always touches me to experience something like that, in the best case to be involved.

What did you do before RE:?

I have a great interest in everything new, with no fear of change. This is also reflected in my professional career. Looking back: Digitalization has been with me my entire professional life. I studied engineering for media technology with a focus on television. Back then, I entered a world that was just about to change drastically. In my first job, at the music TV station VIVA, later MTV, I had a big "aha" moment and the opportunity to help shape digitization. We created completely new user experiences, developed processes and the resulting business models. In my time at the startup Televised Revolution, I learned that the path is not always easy, straightforward, and predictable. This is also where agility entered the scene as an important pillar for new product development. I am grateful that I could experience and help to shape the path from a start-up to a corporation. After that, I joined the fitness and healthcare industry, an interesting sector, characterized by entirely different challenges due to a highly regulated market. What I took away from that time is that it's important to have the courage to completely re-imagine things and not just digitally map the analog world. Now I am very excited about the opportunity to join RE: as part of an extremely versatile team that wants to change the plastics extrusion industry with its solutions.

What do you expect from your job at RE:?

We want to make a real change together. The plastics industry market is facing major changes. Around the world, the course is now being set to finally deal more sustainably with raw materials, especially with products made of plastics. Machines and lines run for 15, 20 years. However, what is becoming increasingly demanding are customer requirements for the quality (and sustainability) of plastic products. Thus, the challenge is to produce more flexibly, more efficiently and more sustainably in the future. To achieve this, production processes must be adapted at much shorter intervals. RE: provides the foundation for this. For me, there is a second aspect that is just as important: an outstanding team. Only when the team fits together, when people inspire each other instead of stepping on each other's toes, only then can you push forward subjects like sustainability and achieve a real transformation. I feel very welcome at RE: and look forward to revolutionizing the industry together with you.

How do you want to contribute to achieving these ambitious goals?

I want to be an enabler, both for the team, for customers and sales partners. Bringing people together and achieving great results as a team is one of my core strengths. My job is to make sure we develop the solutions that are required and to enable customers to leverage their full added value. Being stuck in one place is something I can't bear. I'm always on the move and enjoy channeling that energy for productivity. I also experience this spirit among my colleagues. Therefore, I am sure that together we can achieve a lot.

Welcome to the team, Thomas and thank you for your time.

Thank you very much.

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