APLAS Vietnam: A Success Story with ExtrusionOS and c.Hub

Navigating Efficiency, OEE, Sustainability, and Digital Transformation

How does connecting the production via the c.Hub contribute to a sustainable increase in efficiency? A success story of the plastics professional APLAS Vietnam.

How does connecting the entire production chain via the c.Hub Middleware contribute to a sustainable increase in efficiency? How can producers of films and nonwovens make profitable use of ExtrusionOS? The manufacturer Aplas is one of our first customers - and has now firmly integrated ExtrusionOS into its everyday processes. Find out more about Alliance Packing Plastic JSC. (APLAS), the challenges faced by the customer and how we solve them.

The Core Challenges

APLAS is a pioneer in the sustainable production of plastic films in Vietnam. The company operates a 9-layer and a 5-layer blown film line from Reifenhäuser. The biggest challenge for APLAS is to meet the demand for sustainable products while staying competitive, a situation that many producers are struggling with.

When APLAS heard that we were pushing ahead with digitization on behalf of the Reifenhäuser Group, they were super excited and started their journey with us straight away. In September 2022, most of the company’s processes were still manual, which often led to knowledge gaps and inefficiencies in production. Reporting was tedious and time-consuming. We provided comprehensive advice to Mr. Minh Nguyen Lien, Managing Director at APLAS, and his team and he decided to opt for connecting his production via the c.Hub Middleware and the ExtrusionOS Core bundle.

Best Practice Use Cases of APLAS

How exactly has APLAS since reaped the benefits of the RE: solutions? How does the company use the ExtrusionOS Suite on a day-to-day basis? Mr. Minh and his colleague Mr. Toan Le, Head of Technical Department, are delighted to demonstrate a few examples from their everyday work in the following video:

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